Set of 30 pcs Miniwraps 10cm black

130,00  netto

Miniwrap black

Width: 10 cm

Weight: 0,25kg

Length: acc. 100 mb

Thickness: 23mic

Guaranteed stretchability – 150%

Thimble diameter: 50 mm

Extremely durable, high quality, efficiency and easy to use

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The MINI-STRECH foil, also known as MINI-WRAP, or colloquially “grenade”, is an ideal solution for packing long items or securing small packages Miniwraps with the same properties as manual stretch foil, but due to their width – 10 cm, are used in the so-called bundling, i.e. packing long items or connecting items with non-standard shapes or dimensions.

It is a perfect replacement for an adhesive tape as it does not leave any glue traces and thus does not damage the packed surface. The product is made of high-quality materials, thanks to which the foil has a very good adhesion. Super durable – the foil can be tightly stretched over wrapped packages, thanks to which the parcel is better protected during transport. Very high stretchability, even up to 150%!

When you use stretch film, you don’t need to use paper. Polish Post does not prohibit wrapping shipments in foil. You will save time and money, stretch foil will wrap the package higher and cheaper. It is perfect for wrapping all kinds of packages, protecting them against tampering with the contents of the package by unauthorized persons. It protects the parcel against moisture and dirt.

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Weight 7.5000 kg