36pcs Packing tape quiet 60y

104,00  netto

Quiet packing tape

Set – 36pcs

Size: Width: 48mm, Length about 60y

Avaliable colors: brown(gray), transparent(see-through)

When ordering, please choose the color of the tape, without any information, we send the tape at random.

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Our packaging tapes are very durable, they can be tightened tightly without fear of breaking. Made of durable BOPP foil, thanks to which each package is well glued and secured. It is a top quality product. We offer a wide range of packaging tapes with various adhesives, colors and lengths. Nasze taśmy pakowe są doskonałe do zaklejania zarówno lekkich, jak i ciężkich kartonów.

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Weight 5.4000 kg

Brown, Transparent